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1+1/PRRETI Real Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch-60patches/Nourishing/Wrinkle/Glossy

1+1/PRRETI Real Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch-60patches/Nourishing/Wrinkle/Glossy

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Volume : 84g (60 patches) x 2ea

It is a hydrogel patch that turns rough and parched skin into smooth skin by providing conditioning and brightens dark and dull skin around the eyes

Skin-brightening, anti-wrinkle, double functional cosmetics  

1. Hydrogel absorbed as much as it melts

It is an eye patch concentrated with essence into a gel formulation, and the active ingredient of the gel is absorbed into the skin in response to the skin when the face is attached.

2. Tight Adhere

It's tight and elastic, so even if you walk around with hydrogel eye patches, it doesn't run down 




Peptide Complex



1. Clean your skin lightly with toner after washing your face.

2. Remove the patch using the Spachula built into the product.

3. Attach the patch to the area you want, such as the eyes and the nasolabial lines.

4. After about 20-30 minutes, remove the patch and tap the remaining essence lightly to absorb it.

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