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[1+1] AHC Masters Aqua Rich Sun Cream 30ml/SPF50+/Long Lasting/UV/Soothing

[1+1] AHC Masters Aqua Rich Sun Cream 30ml/SPF50+/Long Lasting/UV/Soothing

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Born in a skincare clinic, AHC provides healthy skin that shines with esthetic glow by incorporating the know-how of esthetics, which has managed various skin types, in a bottle.

From Aesthetic Clinic Skin Care to for Everyone

- AHC has been introduced for 20 years through the hands of estheticians at Korean esthetic clinics in Korea.
- From Aesthetic care for the minority to skin care for everyone
- Highly enriched formula and customized care help you shine more on your natural beauty

AHC Masters Aqua Rich Sun Cream 30ml x 2EA/2oz

AHC Masters Sun Stick 22g + Suncream 10g X 2EA

1. Long Lasting from Water Proof
2. 24-hour moisturizing effect
3. Light adherence without any glitter
Calamine Powder - Sebum Control Effect
a matte finish

Clinical Test Completed
Prevent/Calm UV Skin Stimulation
Improvement of moisturizing and lasting 24 hours

Water Proof
Sweat Proof
Touch Proof (Masks)


Easy Cleansing


Irritation Test

Temporary improvement of sebum adsorption

- Ingredients
Chick grass extract

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