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AHC Renew-Age Total Gift Sets (5 items) /Korea/Skincare/Brightening/Dullness

AHC Renew-Age Total Gift Sets (5 items) /Korea/Skincare/Brightening/Dullness

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AHC Renew-Age Total Gift Sets (5 items) /Korea/Skincare

Total ingredient that improves skin elasticity and dullness

Unstable elasticity, crease renewal

Dull Skin Tone Renewal

Skin texture renewal

Just by putting it on 

#Elastic, Brightening Solutions

Toner 130ml + Emulsion 130ml + Cream 50ml + Ampoule 30ml (Special edition 20ml)

 * Renew-age Total Nourishing Toner

 * Renew-age Total Balance Emulsion

 * Renew-age Total Reset Cream

- Renew-Firming solution : Elastic

Contains elastic peptides and low molecular peptides that boost hyaluronic acid.

Improves skin elasticity

- Brightening Care with Renew-Brightening Solution

Helps improve skin tone

 * Renew-age Total Ribbon Ampoule

- Skin Elasticity Care with Azirelene Peptide

Contains 10% of low molecular peptides and azirelene peptides to help improve skin elasticity

- Renew-Firming Solution, Renew-Brightening Solution 

Skin Condition Renewal

Helps improve skin tone

- Elasticity that fills the skin with micro-emulsification.

The application of the microfluidification method, in which particles divide and disperse large active ingredients under high pressure.

Provides faster absorption and deeper moisturizing elasticity

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