Laneige Basic Duo Set

Laneige Basic Duo Set

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Basic Duo Set -Moisture

Laneige Essential Power Skin Refiner-Moisture 200ml

Moisturizing skin refiner that prepares dry skin and supplies hydro energy quickly and efficiently 

Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion-Moisture 120ml

Moisturizing emulsion that restores hydro balance to dry skin evenly and effectively 

Special Sample

Shiny and voluminous black pomegranate cream for the skin moist.

- Eliminates impurities in the pores, and removes keratin for clear and transparent skin.

- Bio Dusali, extracted from fermented seaweed with strong energy of life, supplies energy to the skin and promotes keratin turnover,

while the Hyacinth extracts purify the skin from heavy metal, smog, and other harmful materials to leave the skin moist and transparent.

- Niacinamide helps for brightened skin tone with keratin care. Cotton extracts prevents skin damage to refine oily and dull skin for clear and healthy skin 

Essential Balancing Emulsion Light 120ml

- The matte-type emulsion is absorbed fast into shiny, dry skin without any sticky feel.

- Laneige Water Balancing Activator restores skin's moisture balance and keeps skin moisturized by preventing loss of moisture.

- Its ingredient of oil-absorbing powder controls excessive sebum. Hyacinth water, which strengthens skin, keeps skin moisturized inside and refreshed outside by protecting skin.