Korean Wedding Presents

Korean No.1 Pre-Wedding Gift


In Korea, the original meaning of the altar is silk given by a bride to her in-laws.

In the past, silk was precious, so it was the most precious silk that the bride gave as a gift to the family where she was getting married to express her example.

Originally, this silk was traditionally sent from the groom's house to the bride's house, and the bride sewed her father-in-law, mother-in-law, and clothes, wrapped well, and sent to the bride's house with money.

As times change, the standard of pre-wedding gift(Yedan) is changing. Pre-Wedding Gift is based on sincerity, but which gift you choose is also an important key. There are cash Pre-Wedding Gift and in-kind Gifts, and it is common to send silver spoons and wedding blankets one to two months before the wedding day.


Cosmetics are the most popular Pre-Wedding Gift to the groom's parents. Just as the desire to be beautiful remains the same as the times change, cosmetics loved by men and women of all ages are considered appropriate items as a prediction because they are luxurious and easy to get anywhere.

Cosmetics used as Pre-Wedding Gift should be luxurious and slightly differentiated from cosmetics used on a daily basis. Of course, it has to be luxurious in appearance as well as excellent functionality. Famous brand products as Pre-Wedding Gift cosmetics is chosen that can satisfy both the giver and the recipient.

Above all, it is recommended to use Yedan cosmetics as a brand with a luxurious image. It is common to wrap it carefully with a cloth and send it. Sulwhasoo's Essential Line or high-end line, Jinseol(Timetreasure), which go well with golden cloth, are lines loved as predictive cosmetics.