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Sum37 Secret Essence 230ml 7.77fl.oz Special Set/Shiny/su:m37

Sum37 Secret Essence 230ml 7.77fl.oz Special Set/Shiny/su:m37

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** The gift of set may be changed to another specification of the same level according to Brand's season.

Sum 37 Secret Essence 230ml /7.77 fl. oz / Soothing Essence / Moisturizing Essence

80 kinds of natural vegetable fermented ingredients Absorbed inside of skin and displays fancy and shiny skin

This Secret Essence by SU:M37 improves the skin system in a healthy way and brightens the skin like a baby’s through the natural fermentation of around 80 plants full of vitality of nature

This remarkable, anti-aging essence is Su:m37's best seller. 

The quick-absorbing formula supports the skin cell renewal process as it provides refreshing hydration

Formulated with 86 fermented plant extracts and Niacinamide, this multifunctional essence deeply nourishes the skin, minimizes skin's sensitivity, improves texture and clarity for a brighter, healthier complexion.

How to Use 

After lotion apply essence gently and cover face with hands, for deep absorption.

*********** Sample 

Secret Cream EX (Sample) 35ml
Secret Eye Ceram EX (Sample 10) ml

    Deep Origin of a Special Brand Name

     combines gentle, natural ingredients with natural fermentation process to revive the inherent power of skin. The wisdom of fermentation is also reflected in its brand name.

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