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OHUI The First Geniture Essence 50ml

OHUI The First Geniture Essence 50ml

Giá thông thường $120.50 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $120.50 USD
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O HUI The First Geniture Essence 50ml

This special skin care line invigorates lifeless skin for optimal anti-aging effects with patented Stem Cell Technology from the world-renowned CHA Biotech, a global research institute for stem cell research and LG Household and Health Care.


* Signature 29 Cell 

* Essence of vital energy

* peony extract

* Transkin EGF/hGF

Combined with skin metabolism stimulants like royal jelly, EGF and FGF, this essence boosts collagen production to enhance tissue repair and cell regeneration while increasing density and elasticity to aging skin to help restore youthful and healthy complexion full of energy.

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