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Hanskin Super Magic BB Cream SPF30, 45g/Full Cover+Blemish Concealer 12g/Kbeauty

Hanskin Super Magic BB Cream SPF30, 45g/Full Cover+Blemish Concealer 12g/Kbeauty

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Hanskin Super Magic B.B Cream SPF30, 45g

Patent prescription for the golden ratio of amazing coverage! Excellent coverage and durability without the need for concealer!

It effectively covers skin problems such as freckles, pores, and fine wrinkles, and contains porous powder that controls the smooth oil, maintaining a bright skin without darkening for a long time.

  •  45g x 2

  • Who wants to do skincare, line and makeup all at once
  • If you want a skin that's nutritious and smooth and clean,
  • One looking for BB without Darkening

    Hanskin Blemish Cover Bright Concealer 12g

    Concealer that covers your skin naturally because of its good adhesion
    Light BB cream formulation and excellent to use
    It doesn't make your makeup look too messy
    Cover Redness
    Hanskin's best concealer that has been loved as a steady seller 
    It covers redness, trace defects, etc. naturally and expresses flawless skin with "application" + "moisturizing" without dead skin cells + "calming and light formula." 
    #Highadhesion Close-up
    #Redness Cover
    #Creamy texture
    - semi-matte finish
    Makeup lasts longer

    - 3 Colors for Red Tone Cover
    a calm nude tone

    - The texture is as comfortable as breathing

    Non-exfoliating moisturizing sensation
    Skin soothing and protective formula
    Recommended for No. 17-21
    Recommended for dark circle cover and bright skin with bright ivory color

    Recommended for No. 22-23
    Pink base beige color
    Recommended for blemish/blemish cover

    Recommended for No. 22-23
    It's a beige color with a yellow base and recommended for a blemish/reddish cover

    How to use

    Gently spread the cover over the desired area.
    Tip.1 Use a wet puff and spread it all over your face to make your skin look moist
    Tip.2 If you use a brush to cover the area you want to cover, you can create flawless skin

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