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[1+1]Charmzone Vegan Collagen Cream 2EA/Kbeauty/Intensive/Firming/Elasticity

[1+1]Charmzone Vegan Collagen Cream 2EA/Kbeauty/Intensive/Firming/Elasticity

Giá thông thường $39.90 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $39.90 USD
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Brand Story

37 years of trust and reliability

Chamzone, you'll know once you use it

All Koreans are familiar with this brand's products and have long been a popular brand.

It's a cost-effective product that everyone recognizes.

Charmzone, a skin company that has studied only good things for the skin 

Added the know-how of healthy raw materials and depth

Charmzone Vegan Collagen Cream 50mlx2EA/3.38 fl.oz

Filled more than half of a container of cream with collagen extract 

Charmzone Collagen Cream

Healthy elasticity care

1. 52% collagen extract instead of purified water

2. Fantastic synergy of vitamin + collagen

3. Soft and sticky, completely adhering to each other

3 Step Perfect care


Collagen extract 52% 


Vitacare of Sea Buckton, Pomegranate Water, etc


Intensive nutrition care such as vegetable oil

High-quality texture


Take an appropriate amount, spread it evenly on the skin, and massage lightly to absorb it.

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