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Steambase Manuka Honey Maskpack 20CT/Dry & Oily Skin/Irritation/Tight Adhesion

Steambase Manuka Honey Maskpack 20CT/Dry & Oily Skin/Irritation/Tight Adhesion

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Steambase Manuka Honey Maskpack 20CT

1st place at Glow Pick Awards for 2 years in a row!

Manuka Honey Propolis

Perfect Shield Mask


#Moisturizing Wrapping

#Real Cooling

#Super close-up

Even if I put on moisturizing cream, 

If you're worried about skin that feels tight from the inside,

Check Point

  • Contains Manuka Honey & Propolis - Moisturizes Dry Skin
  • 25ml High Capacity Essence - Full of essence in a bottle of serum
  • Biocellulose Sheet - Coconut Natural Fermentation Sheet
  • Mildly sensitive skin - Skin irritation test passed


Manuka Honey

It is honey from Manuka flowers that grow only in clean areas of New Zealand.

Manuka's unique active ingredient helps to moisturize skin elasticity and dry skin.


It is rich in vitamins and minerals, so it helps you easily take care of various problematic skin.

* Raw material characteristics only

It sticks to your curved skin without space and effectively delivers the essence ingredients


  • For those whose skin is dry but whose surface is oily,
  • If you have dry skin while wearing a mask,
  • For those who want to put on moisturizing cream no matter how much you put on it,
  • On a special day, if you want your skin condition that's good for your makeup,

Remove the net before using

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