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O HUI The First Geniture Cell Essential Source 200ml Set+3 Ampoule Kits/OHUI

O HUI The First Geniture Cell Essential Source 200ml Set+3 Ampoule Kits/OHUI

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O HUI The First Geniture Cell Essential Source 200ml+Kit/OHUI/Anti-aging/Limited

the set includes:

• Essence 200ml

• Deluxe Samples


Concentrated water-type essence with stem cells 90.3%. An innovative development against skin aging, with the concept of anti-aging. Stimulates blood circulation, helps to strengthen skin turgor.

The first revolutionary stem cell program with the key ingredient rHSCP (Recombinant Human Stem Cell Protein) combined with skin metabolism stimulants such as EGF and FGF. Increases the density and elasticity of the skin, actively improves the healthy state of the skin, making it look younger.

More than 90% of ingredients are used to nourish cells with calming and rejuvenating effects.

Moisturizing & Nourishing Stem Cell Essence - prepares the skin for the application and deeper penetration of the following products.

Has anti-aging effect, rejuvenation, skin tone improvement, skin smoothness. The product contains white peony root extract, etc.

Peony extract is rich in essential and fatty oils, contains iron, copper, chromium, sodium, nickel, calcium, barium and other trace elements. White peony extract contains salicylic and benzoic acids, sugars and tannins, salicin glycoside and valuable proteins. Peony has a pronounced soothing, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and light tonic effect. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, deodorizes and refreshes, fights inflammation and relieves irritation, restores firmness and elasticity to the skin, smoothes wrinkles and evens out skin relief, normalizes metabolic processes in the skin.

Essence 200ml

How to use: in the morning and / or in the evening after the toning phase. Apply to face and neck in a small amount on the skin with light patting movements until completely absorbed



OHUI The First Geniture Ampoule Advanced Set Kit

Ampoule Advanced 10ml x 1ea

SYM-MICRO Essence - 5ml x 2ea

This special skincare line invigorates lifeless skin for optimal anti-aging effects with patented Stem Cell Technology from the world-renowned CHA Biotech, a global research institute for stem cell research and LG Household and Health Care.

* Signature 29 Cell 

* Essence of vital energy

* peony extract

* Transkin EGF/hGF

This premium anti-aging cream effectively slows down the aging of the skin while leaving the complexion translucent and beautiful.

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