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O HUI/OHUI-DAY SHIELD perfect sun black SPF50 + 50ml+Prime 5 Kits/Make Up Base

O HUI/OHUI-DAY SHIELD perfect sun black SPF50 + 50ml+Prime 5 Kits/Make Up Base

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O HUI/OHUI-DAY SHIELD perfect sun black SPF50+ / PA++++ 50ml/Make Up Base

Protects skin from strong ultraviolet rays, dull skin by UV rays


This sunscreen also can be used as a moisturizing make-up base that naturally conceals dull skin.

Perfect Sun Black

Sunscreen for both whitening and makeup base that takes care of tanned skin

Human body application test for fine dust blocking effect completed


  • Bestseller
  • UV protection function
  • Whitening functionality
  • Waterproof

**** O HUI 5 items Kit

O HUI Prime Advancer 5pcs Set/Travel Kit

A total anti-aging line that layers the skin with skin core enhancing ingredients for beautiful, unwavering skin.

This Set Contains:

Deluxe size:

OHUI Prime Advancer Skin Softener 20ml

OHUI Prime Advancer Emulsion 20ml

OHUI Prime Advancer Ampoule Serum 4ml

OHUI Prime Advancer Ampoule Capture Cream 7ml

OHUI Prime Advancer Eye Cream 5ml


These products enhance skin resilience and skin texture for smoother, stronger, and more hydrated skin. 

Why is Prime Advancer's ampoule layering special?

1. Apply a thin layer of highly concentrated ampoule every step for a deep, deep,
2. Non-sticky layering with fast absorption and smooth finish
3. Dense layering is completed with particles of various sizes, large and small
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