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MEDIHEAL Pore Clean Bubble Mask 20mlx15ct/Exfoliating/Dead Cell/Soothing

MEDIHEAL Pore Clean Bubble Mask 20mlx15ct/Exfoliating/Dead Cell/Soothing

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MEDIHEAL Pore Clean Bubble Mask 20mlx15ct

Smooth skin texture care by removing waste from pores and exfoliating dead skin cells

#Deep cleansing

#Pore corrugation

#Concentrated care.


1. When you want to clean up your skin's wastes,

2. When your makeup doesn't work because of old dead skin cells,

3. When you want to make your skin smooth,

Use charcoal clay bubbles to focus on dead skin cells on rough skin texture.


Contains natural charcoal powder and Amazon white clay

Concentrated solution components

#Pore Clear Complex

#Mild Soothing Care

Hole-type Special Design Sheet

#Microhole type gauze sheet

It creates a rich bubble and is comfortable to use without feeling stuffy.

#Special Design Sheet

Specially designed to prevent eye bubble penetration

Can be used comfortably without stinging your eyes while using it

How To Use

1. After washing your face, align your nose and mouth with your dry face.

2. After applying for about 10-15 minutes, remove the sheet when the bubbles come up in abundance.

3. Cleanse with the remaining bubbles on your skin and rinse with lukewarm water.

* Use the pouch immediately after opening it.

** There may be a difference in the amount of bubbles depending on the skin temperature.


** The itchy phenomenon caused by the mask sheet is the bubble phenomenon, which cleans the waste in the pores.

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