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JeongWon Sam 6-year-old Korea Red Ginseng Extract 365 Stick Kids-30ct/Immune

JeongWon Sam 6-year-old Korea Red Ginseng Extract 365 Stick Kids-30ct/Immune

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6-year-old Korea Red Ginseng Extract 365 Stick Kids- 30 Ct


6 years old Goryeo Red Ginseng 365 Stick for Kids

Product type: 
Red Ginseng Product (sterilized product) 


Take 1 to 1 stick a day 

Anywhere, anytime. A pack of red ginseng sticks.

Age: 3 to 13 years old


Can be stored at room temperature and refrigerated

The expiration date is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Sent as recently manufactured

Eat before or after a meal at a convenient time.

Kids red ginseng that kids can enjoy without any burden!

Easy cut for kids, too.


It is a sweet and soft liquid type that is easy to drink.

🟡Pack Size: 

Volume : 10ml x 30 stick / 1 stick per day

🟡Caution: Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not microwave or heat our product over a heat source. Consume as soon as possible once opened.

In the case of specific substances such as allergies, check the ingredients of the raw materials before eating them. Do not consume after expiration or if the contents are damaged or deteriorated. Be careful when taking medication (diabetic drugs, blood anticoagulants).

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

Korean red ginseng is known to be the most recognized medicine in the world. Take care of your health with Korean red ginseng, which has the most powerful Red Ginseng effect in the world.

Other Ingredients 

Red ginseng for children.


It's made easy for children to eat with pear concentrate, agave syrup, etc.

If it's with your child's favorite snacks, he can eat red ginseng well, too.

- With milk and powdered milk

- With fruit juice or fruit juice,

- Mix it with sweet and sour yogurt


Reliable production facilities

Korean red ginseng with 6-year-old roots.

Patent registered extraction method


Growing child

Easily tired child

Weak child

Child worried about being a picky eater

An immunocompromised child

A child who hates the bitterness of red ginseng

Children in need of smooth blood circulation.

6 years of white ginseng turns into red ginseng,

Only white ginseng grown in quality soil for six years is specially selected.

High-temperature and mature white ginseng is obtained through the drying of elvan stone, which is its own technology, to obtain a clear colored red ginseng.

✅ Five major functions of red ginseng

Approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

- Memory improvement

- Improvement in fatigue

- Boosting Immunity

- Can aid blood flow by inhibiting platelet aggregation

- May help with antioxidants

Packaging Material: Polyethylene (PE)


Expiration date: Marked on product box

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