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CJ Black Ginseng Gold Stick 10g x 30ct/Immune/Absorption Rate/FDA/US Express

CJ Black Ginseng Gold Stick 10g x 30ct/Immune/Absorption Rate/FDA/US Express

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CJ Black Ginseng Gold Stick 10g x 30ct 

Five functions recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
The functionality of red ginseng has been recognized.

Promoting immunity
Fatigue improvement
Improvement in memory
Helps with blood flow

Add black ginseng steamed and dried 9 times and 9 traditional Korean medicinal herbs as a way to increase the ingredients and absorption rate of ginseng
With the traditional Korean medicine extraction method,
The content of ginsenoside increases
As the molecular size splits, the absorption rate in the body improves.

FDA-registered raw materials

Add 9 Traditional Ingredients

Only Ginseng, which has passed thorough quality standards such as microbial testing and heavy metal testing, is selected for Korean Ginseng

Directly managed by CJ CheilJedang, Korea's leading conglomerate, including BBG
It's a brand that you can trust and eat through thorough quality control

Manufactured at GMP facilities, US FDA confirms the safety of black ginseng concentrate
Conducting 245 residual Pesticide tests


Take 1 stick a day 

🟡Pack Size: 

10g x 30 sticks (300g/900kcal) 

🟡Caution: Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not microwave or heat our product over a heat source. Consume as soon as possible once opened. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Check the amount and directions before taking this product. If any adverse reaction occurs, immediately stop using this product and consult your doctor.

Product name CJ Hanroot Black Ginseng Gold Stick 10 ml x 30 bags 

Type of food (in the case of agricultural and livestock products, item or name) Health functional food

Capacity (weight), quantity, and size of contents by packaging unit 300g (10g x 30 bags)

Raw material name and content: 22% (over 60% solid content, 7mg/g total of ginsenoside Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3, black ginseng: 100%), oligosaccharide, Daebo extract concentrate [Baekchul (Domestic product), Bokryeong (Domestic product). Danggui, Cheongung, Sukjuhwang, Peony, Hwanggi, Gyeji. a licorice]

Nutritional ingredients (in the case of health functional foods, nutritional information) Daily intake: 1 pack per day: 30 kcal

Total Content 300g / Daily Intake: 1 pack (10g) / Amount per daily intake / Calorie 30kcal, Carbohydrate 7g (2%), Sugar 4g, Protein 0g (0%), Fat 0g (0%), Sodium 0mg (0%)

※ % Nutrient Reference Value: Ratio to Daily Nutrient Reference Value

Genetically modified health functional food not applicable

Import declaration under the Special Act on Import Food Safety Management is completed or not applicable

Date of manufacture, expiration date, expiration date: 24 months from the date of manufacture

Name and location of manufacturer Distribution Salesperson: CJ CheilJedang

Manufacturer specializing in health functional foods: BioRoset Co., Ltd

Functional information It can help improve blood flow, memory, and antioxidant by improving immunity, improving fatigue, and inhibiting platelet aggregation

Take one packet once a day, including intake, intake method, precautions, and possible side effects

Expression that it is not a drug for the prevention and treatment of diseases This product is not a drug for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Storage method or handling method Store it at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight and eat it as soon as possible because it may deteriorate after opening. 

Manufacturer: BioRoset Co., Ltd

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

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