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Charmzone Vegan Collagen Light Cream 50mlx2EA/Soothing/Best/Firming/Fresh/Mild

Charmzone Vegan Collagen Light Cream 50mlx2EA/Soothing/Best/Firming/Fresh/Mild

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Charmzone Vegan Collagen Cream 50ml 

Brand Story

37 years of trust and reliability

Chamzone, you'll know once you use it

All Koreans are familiar with this brand's products and have long been a popular brand.

It's a cost-effective product that everyone recognizes.

Charmzone, a skin company that has studied only good things for the skin 

Added the know-how of healthy raw materials and depth

Charmzone Collagen Cream

Healthy elasticity care

#Water Recharge
#Cooling Calm down
#Fresh finish

1. 84% vegan collagen extract
#Elastic booster
#HighQuality Collagen
#American Vegetarian Association Certification

2. 3 Plus Care for Skinny Skin
#Skin calming
#Maintaining moisture

3. Mild Vegan Ingredients & High Spec Cream
#4 clinical trials
#Korea Vegan Certification

4. Light touch
#String implements
#WaterCream type
#A fresh finish

Eoseongcho - calming and cooling
7 kinds of hyaluronic acid
Centella - Brightening

Soothing effect #Water soothing
intensive nutrition care

If you apply it lightly, it adheres well up!

High-quality texture


Take an appropriate amount, spread it evenly on the skin, and massage lightly to absorb it.

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