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Charmzone TOPNEWS Ge Ultimate Super Tension 4 Items Set/Gold-Silver Collagen

Charmzone TOPNEWS Ge Ultimate Super Tension 4 Items Set/Gold-Silver Collagen

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Brand Story

37 years of trust and reliability

Chamzone, you'll know once you use it

All Koreans are familiar with this brand's products and have long been a popular brand.

It's a cost-effective product that everyone recognizes.

Charmzone Topnews Ge Ultimate Super Tension 4Set

Black Bipropolis and Gold Thread Collagen
Elastic Nutrition Synergy

Elastic Nutrition
Gold Thread Collagen
Premium Propolis

Charmzone Topnews Ge Ultimate Super Tension Skin 120ml
Charmzone Topnews Ge Ultimate Super Tension Emulsion 120ml
Charmzone Topnews Ge Ultimate Power Nutrition Cream 50ml
Charmzone Control Cream Self Massage

Strong Elasticity Defense
Rich Supply of Nutrition
Wrinkle Improvement
Skin Self-Sustaining Power

Moist, Smooth and Firm.
Premium Elastic Nutrition Line

In the Provence Region of France
Black Bee Propolis Component
Helps Moisturize, Wrinkle and Elasticity

Gold-Silver Collagen Components
Smooth Skin Texture
Strong and Young-looking
Baby Skin Care.

Coenzyme Q10 Contains Idebenone
The Skin Layer is Strong and Strong.

Charmzone Control Cream Self Massage 

I'm done thinking about my skin in 5 minutes!
Do a self massage at home.

Dark skin no matter what you apply.
dead skin cells that make-up irritate
rough skin
Sensitive skin that turns upside down during the change of seasons.

Dull skin

Exfoliating skin

Rough skin

Sensitive skin

Six hydroponically grown plants
Curry, sunflower, broccoli, kale, carrot, mistletoe
Moringga seed extract
Baby face recipe, broccoli extract

Soft massage effect
Gently remove old dead skin cells and waste with a hypoallergenic massage
Oil and water balancing
Moist and smooth skin
Pore cleaning

How to use

After washing your face, wipe off the water.
Remove the cream.
Spread the cream evenly.
After two to three minutes, the cream turns into oil and naturally drains. 
If you gently massage and roll it, the waste (sebum, old dead skin) in the pores will be pushed out.
Without cleansing foam, just wash it off with lukewarm water

It's effective for the entire body, arms, heels, and soles where dead skin often occurs

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