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Black Harang 흑하랑 Good Dream Tea Bags 1.8g x 15T/Case/Insomnia/100% Organic Korea

Black Harang 흑하랑 Good Dream Tea Bags 1.8g x 15T/Case/Insomnia/100% Organic Korea

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Black Harang Good Dream Tea 1.8g x 15T/per case

Popular in Korea

Good Sleep
High Lactucin Lettuce Tea
Do you sleep easily, wake up, and feel tired all day?

"Lactucin," a powerful sleep-inducing ingredient, contains 124 times more than regular lettuce
You can have a good night's sleep with a drink before you go to bed!

Black Harang lettuce contains 124 times higher Lactucin, a sleep-inducing substance.

If you want to sleep well because you can't sleep at night,
Who use smartphones a lot
If you have a lot of worries because of stress,
Who wakes up often in the middle of the night without deep sleep
If you want to take care of your health and mind,

Certification of organic products
Agricultural Products Certification

Foods without sugar, synthetic coloring, sweeteners, preservatives and caffeine

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Produced by HACCP-certified manufacturing facilities based on a thorough hygiene management system

Black Harang lettuce's representative effect

1. The effect of lettuce on insomnia and good night's sleep

Additional efficacy
1. Contains a large amount of ingredients that are good for the eyes
The lutein component of lettuce protects the mucous membrane and nerves of the eye and relieves eye fatigue, and beta-carotene can help prevent and improve dry eye syndrome and night blindness.

2. Effective for honey skin
More than 95 percent of lettuce helps keep your skin moist with moisture
Vitamin C, vitamin A, and ingredients whiten your skin
Helps regenerate cells, restores dry skin, and prevents skin trouble

3. Effect of removing toxins from the body
Vitamin B2 activates liver function and detoxifies toxins in the body
It can help release harmful substances that may occur when eating fatty and burnt foods

4. Helps prevent osteoporosis
Lettuce contains a lot of calcium, which is good for bones
Vitamin K can also help strengthen bones, prevent various bone-related diseases, and help prevent osteoporosis

MADE IN KOREA 100% organic black harang lettuce

How to Use
Add 1 triangular tea bag 1 hour before sleeping, pour 150ml/5oz of warm water and simmer for 1 to 2 minutes.

Black Harang (흑하랑) and Organic Lettuce 100% (Korea)

If you are allergic to pregnant women, lactating women, children, or certain ingredients, please check the ingredients of the product before consumption.
Do not take it if the contents are damaged or deformed.

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

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