We always guarantee qualified products from Korea with reasonable price. Our products are all 100% authentic Korean products, and it's already tested and all passed. Honesty is our priority value.


Online Shop

We started a global online shop to be recognized by consumers for SK E&C's curation in the global market by curated brands, and we want to know consumers' preferences more and reflect them in product and brand curation. Based on this experience, SK E&C aims to provide good information and products to online and offline sellers around the world.

Based on experience in the domestic online market, SK E&C can provide services in online global shop at a low price through sufficient inventory and logistics capabilities.



Collaboration is our another main value. Our products are sent to our biggest collaborators, SNS bloggers and influencers, and through their reviews, we leave product validation and proxy experience for consumers.This allows consumers to get information about brands they have never experienced and we can validate the quality and responsiveness of the product.We value communication and improve it with better service through communication with consumers and sellers.

We have introduced products that can satisfy various consumers' tastes and unique products developed based on Korea's unique ingredients. 

Collaboration with Korean global sellers are another value. By providing our competitive products to global sellers, we have been laying the groundwork for growing with sellers, not just SK E&C's own shops. We are pursuing a win-win strategy in the belief that joint growth and communication can have a synergy effect on each other.

Our value of honesty increases the satisfaction of consumers and sellers, and we are pursuing different services tailored to various needs.