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Dr. Jart+Vital Hydra Solution Biome Water Cream 1.69oz+Treatment Essence 5oz

Dr. Jart+Vital Hydra Solution Biome Water Cream 1.69oz+Treatment Essence 5oz

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Dr. Jart+Vital Hydra Solution Biome Water Cream 50ml/1.69 fl. oz

- Sensitivity panel tested complete

- wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics

Moisturizing Biom that changes the body of moisture in the skin

to wake up the skin vividly by encountering low molecular collagen


- Dry Skin

- Sensitive Skin

It's a fresh water cream type that feels hydrated and cool as soon as you apply it.

How to use

After skincare, take an appropriate amount and spread it out gently.

*The scent of Biomwater Cream is Dr. Jart+'s unique ingredient, moisture Biom ingredient. It is a natural scent and has the effect of improving the skin's moisture structure.

the main ingredient

Moisture Biome 550,000 ppm - Improving Skin Moisture Constitution 

Prebiotics 1,000 ppm - Boosting role to aid moisture biome activity


3 Hyaluronic acid 10,000ppm - helps to hydrate tightly

Dr. Jart+Vital Hydra Solution Biome Treatment Essence 150ml/5.07 fl. oz

The first essence for healthy skin elasticity
It's a one-step moisturizing essence that fills your skin with moisture
- Moisture UP & Elasticity UP
- Deep moisturizing that absorbs quickly into the skin
- Clear and transparent skin with healthy skin conditions

Upgrade to faster moisture delivery!
Skin barrier moisture 15%

One-Step Moisture Booster

Upgrade the existing 2 step product with one step moisture booster!
*Tripeptide ingredients moisturize your skin and provide elasticity to your tired skin!

Why does it smell like fermentation?

The unique ingredient of Dr. Jart+, the moisture biome, can give you a unique scent of fermentation.
It's a natural signature scent that doesn't use a separate scent.
Improved skin elasticity after 4 weeks of use

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